View Full Version : Halfway done: Who are your favs so far for 2nd annual Undie awards?

06-23-2009, 09:17 PM
For those of you who don't know, aka n00bz, UU had awards for the best ukulele vids of last year. The categories:


Hope that link works.. kinda had to commit some bbq hax since it isn't displayed in the main forum selection anymore.

Anyways, who are your favs so far?


Best Video Of A Cover Song: Keonepax - "Mad World" cover

John (Keonepax) hit the nail right on the head. Every bit as soul-wrenching as the Gary Jules and Michael Andrews version. Great instrumentals, excellent vocal, cool video. The total package, man! And now there's one with Krabbers singing harmonies. Insane!!

Best Collaboration: Russ and Mctrmt - "If I Had A Million Dollars" cover

Gonna be next to impossible for anyone to top this, in my opinion. They're great together. And the audio is extremely good! Although Seeso and Evilhamster's Cat Stevens "Father And Son" collab was also nuts.

Best video of an original song - "This Message" - Krabbers

They might as well send it to him right now. This Message has been covered a million times because it's so good.

Just a few of my thoughts for now. What do you guys think?:nana::nana:

BTW: I am not saying there will be a 2nd undies. And also.. these are just my opinions. k go!