View Full Version : 3rd Wave Ukuleles

07-07-2009, 11:40 PM
I'll admit it..I have a serious jones for musical instruments. Not that I collect excessive amounts of any one kind, preferring a few expensive ones, over a lot of inexpensive, so I can sell later if need be (2 mandolins, three guitars, 2 ukes, 3 fifes..the list goes on).

I bought my first uke, a 3rd Wave, about 12 years ago...it was portable and easy to play. I added a Larrivee soprano about 7 years ago, when I stopped playing the 3rd Wave, letting my teenaged kids play with it.

I've recently decided the soprano does not fit my needs: Scale length is too small, physically and in range (12 frets is too limiting). So, I decided I wanted to play a Concert size. Which resulted in my buying a tenor ("What fates impose, that men must needs abide....").

Though I just retrieved the 3rd Wave and lo and behold...it's a concert size!

Anyone know of 3rd Wave and what happened to them? It's a nice uke in sound and workmanship...though in want of better strings. Plain construction, appears to be mahogany, with ebony fretboard, top binding in tortoise and some etching on the top.