View Full Version : AHHHH!!! Carbon Treble Intonation Problems

07-08-2009, 08:14 AM
So I went from bieng an Aquila guy to trying new strings to see what works best for me on my O'hai Pono Tenor. The Tenor came with Ko'olau golds, which were a bit to warm and deep for me (thinking its the wound C) and the strings were a bit thick, but easy to play.

I slapped on Aquilas and while I typically love thier sound, the lowish action made them just seem muddy and unplayable.

Swapped those out for some Hard Tension EJ46 Pro Arte classical guitar strings. Great all around string. Very crisp and precise, but lacked the ring that the aquilas give.

SO I got my Savarez Alliance strings in the mail today, and there the best of both worlds. Plays like the d'addarios and sounds better than the aquilas.

BUT I have some slight intonation issues now. It's nothing I can't live with, it ranges in the strings from almost impercievable on the wound low G to about a half a semitone sharp on the E string on the 12th fret.

I know this is due to the higher tension, but theres also this slight creekiness feeling i get from the neck, nothing I can hear but when I pick it up I can sort of feel a slight shifting in the palm of my hand, I had a similar feeling the first couple days I slapped on the Pro Artes but the uke seemed to settle into them.

Should I be concerned? I don't want to pull the top off, or the bridge, should I be using the Savarez low tension traditional? I really like the sound of the Alliance trebles...

Also does anyone know if a compensated saddle like on my acoustic would help with the intonation issues? I was thinking that the higher the tension the more the intonation issues come out and thats why high tension steel string instruments all need compensated saddles.

can you get compensated uke saddles?