View Full Version : Zoom H4 digital audio recorder with extras

07-17-2009, 10:19 AM
To make room for new toys, I'm getting rid of a few things I'm just not using.

Zoom H4 "handy" recorder. Used just a few times. I somehow thought I was going to do more recording of live stuff than I ever did. typical story for me though, I think I'm going to get into something and then don't. Anyway, perhaps you will use it more than I will.

Comes with all shown accessories. Also comes with tough Pelican waterproof case that just about fits the H4 perfectly. I wrapped it in a small piece of soft cloth to give it a little padding and make sure that it didn't move. Also comes with a 512MB memory card.

$169 via Paypal or Money Order. No checks please. Shipping should be $5-10 depending on where you live.
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