View Full Version : some help with a song i wrote. :)

07-22-2009, 07:44 PM
so i have been taking some time to write songs. i just recently made a video of a song i titled, "you're to blame" and was hoping i can get some feedback on any aspect of it. maybe some ideas for what we can do with the ukulele even, chord wise. i'd appreciate it a lot.

you're to blame - brittni williamson original. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm-xXY6rvRM)

thanks everyone!:cool:

07-22-2009, 07:50 PM
which key is it in?
very nice voice and song by the way

07-22-2009, 07:58 PM
i actually just sang it however it came out. i think it would sound nice in the key of A but, if you have any other suggestions feel free to tell me. i'm a soprano but i have a good range. :) thanks for the feedback.

08-05-2009, 08:52 AM
doh, sorry i took forever to get it back, okey dokey first things first HERE COMES THE WHEEL
^everything you needed but never wanted to know. Okey dokey, rule of thumb is stick to what your letter is adjacent to, We're gonna work with A, E, D, and F#m if we're in a. If we get a little crazy we can squeeze in some of that C#M and BM.
Next step, Lyrics!

sky looks prettier when you're not looking down
and the worlds more clear when the world stops spinning around
and the obvious is right in front of you, tell me do you see it now
all i ever ask for is a simple explanation, a way of knowing how you feel
nothing is ok when you're not here, nothing feels quite the same so sorry if i love you but you're to blame
sun casts shadows on us all and the real test is will you take the fall,
you've got someone willing to hold your hand, is that not enough for you?don't you understand?
all I ever ask for are the words from your heart, way of knowing how you feel,
nothing is ok when you're not here nothing feels quite the same
so sorry if i love you but you're the one to blame
i cant do more than what i am there is nothing left for my heart to tell
my every breath I breathe for you you'll never find a love more true
no one more devoted to you so sorry if i love you I'm so sorry i love you I'm sorry i love you but you're to blame.

I'm gonna give you a couple days to try out the A, E, D, and F#m (you might not use much F#M)
The way you can usually figure out what key stuff is in is by figuring out what your final note is, to my hearing (which isn't saying much) your song could be in C#, which means you can you C#, F#, Ab, and Fm comfortably. Try using either system of those, after that I've got a cheat. When you're writing songs the easiest way to figure something out is to see if it already sounds similiar to something to you. I picked up a little bit of something and it's a little funny but it sounds like it would land in the same chords and key as "Colors of the Wind" which is right here
at least the chorus part.
In any case I'm gonna let you noodle around with my suggestions for a bitch and try to put some of the suggest chord in there to see how they feel (remember you can change the pitch you're singing in too if you really like the key)
After that I'm gonna jump in and hit a couple verses of it and then get you to noodle it over more. Just start with figuring out where the chords change and then try out each chord at a time. I'm not gonna lie, this one might be a touch tough because it doesn't have much repetition, which means you won't be able to cut and paste much =p