View Full Version : What happened to yetsrday's live lesson?

07-23-2009, 05:24 AM
Aldrine did his usual great job with his lesson yesterday but I can't find it. We all saw him saving it. Do they do some editing before they post it. Last week's lesson on Brezzin' was lost. I hope that's not the case again. :(

07-23-2009, 05:26 AM
i'm watching it (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1853776) right now.

sorry bro i originally put in the wrong link. i editted it.

07-23-2009, 05:35 AM
Thanks but how did you find it? Can you get there from the UU home page?

07-23-2009, 05:39 AM
sort of. i'll click the link that gets me to the ustream website then fiddle around until i find UU's live lesson archives and eventually i get there.

07-23-2009, 05:41 AM
That's not good. Hopefully they'll get it on the homepage later today. Thanks for the quick link.

07-23-2009, 07:54 AM
Is anyone else having a problem viewing this? Everyone time Aldrine finishes drawing the chords it brings me back to the beggining no mateerhow long I wait.

07-23-2009, 12:20 PM
It seems to be working fine now for me.