View Full Version : What madea a uke player good, and great?

Johnny Elsewhere
04-04-2008, 10:02 PM
I've been playing for four years now, with a lot of background experience by playing guitar; so I know a thing or two about theory and all that ..

But lately I've discovered that I've only been playing Jake's song, and his covers. I want to better myself as a musician and uke player.

So, give me a little advice, fellow ukers!

What should I do to help get myself out of this rut? I've composed music before, but only on guitar and piano. Writing for the ukulele is very difficult, and I was wondering how you guys go about it.

Ready? One, two, three.. Discuss!

EDIT: Title is suppose to be "What makes a uke player good, and great?" Pardon that, it's 12 AM, and I'm near-dead. lol