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07-30-2009, 05:59 AM
Sup UU,
I am in need of some assistance.I hope this is the right forum to post.
Here is my situation.I love all the vids posted by UU members and I wanna join in on the fun.I have never made a video of myself playing.All I have to work with is my CPU and my Sony Cybershot.Everything seems to go fine with the video...its the audio.I don't know if the condenser in the camera is too sensitive or what...but the audio comes out distorted.I tried backing the camera up across the room...it seemed to help...but if I back up any further...I'm not going to get a great shot.
Any advise....has anyone else had this trouble?I've been doing some research on video editors...anyone know of one that can normalize the audio.What about a web cam emulator that can make my sony act as a web cam?....anyone here of something like that?


07-30-2009, 06:18 AM
I use a Sony Cyber-shot and have no problem with the audio. Since the audio is not adjustable in the camera itself, I suspect the problem is when the video is produced in your computer.

But first, to check - how does it sound in the camera when you play back your recording? If it's distorted, then you may have to fix the camera.

The alternative is to record the video on the camera and record the audio on your computer. When I do that, I use Audacity (which is freeware on the web). I used to use a cheap $6 laptop mic -which sounded fine for me at the time. Now I use a Blue Snowball USB mic, which is incredible.

But first - check the camera audio. How's it sound?