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07-31-2009, 01:15 PM
I bought a Tyler Mtn. Banjo Uke three months ago and I think its time to review it.

It is a great looking uke, well finished and put together. I found the hardware on it was loose and needed tightening. I didn't like the bridge or strings so I put a better bridge(a good four string banjo bridge) on it and put La Bella banjo uke strings on it. That made it sound better but the sustain wasn't great. I took off the resonator and that made a world of difference.

It has a brass tone ring so it should ring. It just didn't with the resonator on it. Without the resonator it rings and has much better sustain. They don't offer a model without a resonator but that easily comes off(Well not so easily but it wasn't real difficult). The main competition for this uke is the gold tone and it may be bought with or without a resonator. The Tyler Mtn. banjo uke has planetary tuners on a banjo style headstock. They are so much better than the friction tuners on the gold tone. The neck and pot are identical to that of gold tone's banjo uke but this one is much cheaper. This uke the TMBU 200 cpsts $315.00

I think the set up was marginal at Instrument Alley. I had to work on it get a sound I was happy with. It did come with a great gigbag. It doesn't come with an armrest and that isn't good. I ordered one from Gold Tone back in May but I haven't gotten it yet and can't get them to respond to my emails even though I was already charged for it. I can't find one anywhere else??

There aren't a lot of dealers out there who carry this uke but I would buy it again without hesitation. Roy Cone does have parts for it and his service is great.I would like to put a real skin head on it but that is probably beyoud my skill level. The remo plastic head is OK but I would prefer the fiberskyn head but they don't make one to fit this banjo uke.

I sure would like to hear from anyone else who has one of these or it's cousin the Gold Tone.

Joe T

here are some photos of it.

08-03-2009, 07:12 AM
Just a couple of additional comments. I changed the LaBell strings yesterday to the no wound Aquila strings. The difference is really noticable. These sound much better. The Aquilas just stretch like rubber bands and will drive you nuts for a few weeks. I have Aquilas on all my ukes except for an Ohana Soprano that I have Worth clears on. I am not sure I can tell the difference.

I called Gold Tone today and found out they forgot to ship my order. They said I will for sure get it Wednesday. We shall see. You really need the arm rest. Without it the banjo uke hardware digs into your forearm when you play it.

I have been trying to master the George Formby strokes and with the help of two acryllic fingernails I think I have just about done so.

The Banjo uke takes some getting used to but it is a great compliment to the wooden ukes and if you play novelty songs it is esential. I think I am going to try it tomorrow at an old folks home show I am doing.

Joe T

05-17-2010, 09:44 AM
Hi Joe,

Nice review. I just thought that you'd like to know that the Gold Tone ukes are now shipping with geared tuners. I just bought the Banjo Ukelele in concert size (model BUC). Seems very well made, and sounds great.