View Full Version : `Ukulele Source and Rodney Takahashi on KPIX CBS 5 Bay Area News.

08-05-2009, 06:14 AM
Cool that both Rodney and Smiley get shine on TV (http://cbs5.com/video/?id=53645@kpix.dayport.com). Shitty they spell `ukulele wrong.

08-05-2009, 09:36 AM
Thanks for posting this. I thought they did a nice job and made uke players look good! Smiley and Janet at Ukulele Source are great and deserve it!

08-05-2009, 11:07 AM
Thanks for the post! Watching at work and it made my day 100x better. :D Although I'm still a noob, I just felt a sense of pride as I watched this news clip. Glad to see the `ukulele getting the attention it deserves!