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08-08-2009, 05:13 AM
Fellow ukers.

I'm selling a 3rd Wave concert size ukulele, made of Acacia wood.

What is (or was) 3rd Wave? Small uke company in Santa Cruz CA in the late 90s, primary maker a gentleman named Marc Schoenberg (now the proprietor of Ukiyo Ukulele Company) who made 90% of the ukes from 3rd Wave. 3rd Wave was purchased by the Triplett Irish Harp Company who decided to get out of the uke game to focus on their core business (harps).

Now, Marc has not said he built it..he indicated to another uker on this list that he would write his signature underneath the top by the soundhole, which I could not find. Marc said to me in an email: "As I recall I was quite pleased with the sound of the Acacia concerts and I remember making a few batches for Elderly. your uke with its early serial number meaning it was the 3rd uke built in 1999 might have been in the first batch of 3 acacia ukes I did as someone I think form the midwest asked for one so I built 3".

Regardless of who made it, it is very well built uke; Fit and finish are right on as is the sound: Clear, bell like tones, a wonderful concert sound. So, why should I sell? I just ordered a concert size with a tenor neck, which is my preference...I don't enjoy soprano or concert necks and I believe instruments are made to be played, not kept.

The uke has laser etching and tortoise binding on the top. I've upgraded the tuning keys to a gold set that fits the uke quite well...and I will also include the originals as well...buyer decides preference. The bridge has an interesting design...which you can see in the pictures.

Condition is as new....though I've owned it for 10 years now, I never played it that much for various reasons. Not a scratch, ding or other mark on the uke.

Bottom line, lucky purchaser gets a handmade uke: Sound, workmanship, appointments and hardshell case, for about half what one would expect to pay to a reputable (or disreputable, I guess) maker.

I'm not eBaying or hitting other sites...it is only for sale here as I believe a number of ukers here are cash-challenged and would like to own a top-rate instrument.

There are some on this board (you know who you are) who think, in their words, I'm a "fool for selling".

Not the first time and undoubtedly not the last I've been called that.

Price: $500



Questions? Write

Peace, Anthony

08-08-2009, 05:21 AM
is it third wave cause the 90s brought the 3rd major wave of uke popularity? are we still in the third wave or has it moved to the fourth wave yet?

08-08-2009, 06:34 AM
Interesting question...I always thought it had to do with surfing. Just north of Santa Cruz is some of the best surfing in the US (Mavericks).

I am personally amazed at the wide variety of ukes being made and played and the number of people playing and available resources. The number of local uke groups and press is astounding..certainly in comparison to 1999 when there seemed to be so much less activity and definitely less availability of learning materials/resources...you were pretty much on your own...there might have been one or two Mel Bay books out.

Did the internet create the surge? Or, was the surge already there and the internet just let everyone know where and how to connect with others and resources?

Did I answer your question go in a whole new direction?