View Full Version : Ukulele Music Made Me Do It

08-09-2009, 02:36 AM
I've been trying to transition from a cover performer to a song writer and I figured I'd do it one step at a time. Now that I'm making progress on finding the chords to a song, I thought the next logical step would be lyric writing. If you've read much of my posts you know I love parodies, so I decided to do one for Ice Cube's "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It"
The songs a bit to racy for me to want to link it but the general idea is the overdone topic of how rap is blamed for poor behavior. I thought to myself, "What about ukulele music? Why can't we get blamed for something?" I thought I'd come to you guys while the song is still in its infancy and see what ideas you can bring to me.
Here's a couple I thought of:

-sipping pina colada's on the beach
- roasting an entire pig at a luau

I thought it might be funny to throw in some that don't fit too, like "If I love acoustic instruments but never use picks, ukulele music made me do it if I rob a liquor store for more margarita mix ukulele music made me do it"
feel free to post either the idea or the actual lyric you like.
Now get to posting!:nana: