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04-12-2008, 10:22 PM
i don't know if anybody's posted this up yet....i probably should've done a search first. i just discovered that at the chordie site (http://www.chordie.com/) you can translate any song with chords to ukulele chords. find the song you like and it'll give you several listings as a tab, bass tab, keyboard, and chords. if you click on the song that says chords to it, it'll bring you to the page of that song with guitar chords. on the right side, however, there is a dropdown menu which will allow you to change the guitar chords to ukulele chords in either c or d tuning! hope this helps a lot of you out with popular songs you're having trouble with! man, i'm stoked! :D

::edit:: please delete thread...i thought i uncovered gold...turns out i'm the last to the rush.

04-12-2008, 10:30 PM
My tab transposer can do that too, and is not limited to songs posted on chordie.

04-13-2008, 05:29 AM
WS64 - Your transposer is very helpful. Thank you!