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09-01-2009, 05:35 PM
I'd done a show before for the local mall but it didn't gather much of a crowd (probably because acoustic mu-100 without mic doesn't come through mall ambiance well)
as for this last one, I'm not too sure if you'd call it "real" but I was playing in a coffee shop for 40+ people so by my standard it is.
I kinda came here to toot my own horn because the crowd loved me! I did a bunch of instrumentals including "With a Little Help From My Friends" "Killing me Softly" "What a wonderful world" "misirlou" "Fur Elise" "stairway to heaven" and of course "while my guitar gently weeps" the only song i ended up singing was the "One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song"
I'm gonna go to their acoustic night next week again, I'll probably do less instrumentals, and I'll also change up my songs probably. Originally I hadn't planned on those songs but I wanted to save some special ones for a girl who was supposed to come but ended up not.
All in all there were a couple times I screwed up, but I stayed in key and improvised stuff and it sounded right anyways. The funnest part was hearing people whisper while I was performing cause I could totally hear everything they were saying!
In any case, I have the best idea ever for next week.... ELEPHANT TOWN LIVE. They won't know what hit 'em! I'm gonna get it recorded and make it my first youtube video.
So this doesn't just turn into my story, what has everyone else's first real performances been like?

09-01-2009, 06:46 PM
Right on, man! Glad the show went well. ELEPHANT TOWN next week!

09-01-2009, 07:44 PM
nice mate. Where were you playing at? It must be a real experience, playing a show. I haven't done so yet, but I've been thinking about it.

09-01-2009, 10:24 PM
Congratulations. 40 people is definitely a real show. I've played venues where the band outnumbered the audience!

Well done. :):shaka:

09-01-2009, 10:46 PM
Great job done! Can 't wait to see you perform Elephant Town:D

09-02-2009, 08:08 AM
Awesome, Citrus! I wish I could have been there. I really enjoyed playing with you on Saturday. Maybe if you get a gig closer to Atlanta you can enlist some back up musicians. I know that Captain Lovehandles and I would jump at the chance!:cool: