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09-02-2009, 07:13 AM
Baritone ukes...

Well recently i was able to pick up a lanikai LU-21BE just for the hell of it. I started to learn the uke about 4 years ago and now im starting to shift towards the guitar. I stringed it up with martin baritone strings... and it sounded .. ok. So i changed my mind (like i always do) and decided to hit up MGM's ebay store and bought the customized aquila gcea strings for it. and.. OMG...
It sounds better than all of my friends expensive ass tenor ukes... and this is some cheap ass lanikai baritone (well it costs like 180 or something, retail.. but i got it off ebay for 80). The sound is really great. It's a lot louder of course because of the bigger body, the sustain is great, and according to my friends, it sounds "professional".

Does anyone else notice the difference? (If you have one)