View Full Version : roadtoad semi-hollow bass uke

kim jorgensen
09-03-2009, 04:15 PM

Hi Guys/Gals:

I've got one of Owen's semihollows for sale. It's in perfect condition and is a great little instrument. why do I want to I want to sell?

1) I'm really a tenor player

2) It would make my wife feel better because I bought a Kanilea tenor this past summer

3) I just don't have time to focus on both tneor and bass

I would sell it for $600 which is what I paid. No scratches, no nothing wrong hardly played. It took Owen 6-8 months to have it ready for me. I picked it up at his house.

Here's the thing: I live in Berkeley and am not real hip to doing things by mail where I could get cheated and you should want to see it first. Any potential buyers in my local area? or someone willing to drive? Send me an email and I'll send pictures: kjbjarne@yahoo.com no haggling, please. firm price. I don't need to sell. It would just be nice for me and you. p.s. look it up at the road toad site and you'll get all the specs. semi-hollow