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09-09-2009, 02:44 AM
g'day guys, well after alot of trying and testing and not knowing what i want and what i want to play, and learn, ive decided the ukulele is my no.1 instrament, and only one i enjoy, so im selling off these to buy 1 nice ukulele

1. Greg Bennett concert ukulele, this has a great bright sound. is currently not strung with any strings as i was half way through get rid of the original strings on it and going to replace them with some new ones but cam accross my 8 string so didnt bother, has only been played a hand full of times, no scratched, dints, still like brand new. $40

2. This is a georgous ukulele, its my 8 string mahogony tenor strung with aquilla strings, turned GgCcEA a great loud, sweet sound, great for jamming outdoors or just having a louder sounding uke without the use of a pickup, comes with a hard shell case and around 5 pick. No scratched, dings, only played indoors in my room, never dropped and very well looked after, (wiped down after every play with a ukulele cleaning cloth) had it for a couple of months, and excellent ukulele. $300

3. AREA 5 string banjo, as soon as i bought it i re strung it with very high quality banjo strings, (set me back $45) comes with the delux banjo case, has been played for about a week, then sat in its case, comes with a banjo book, which cost me $60, 2 fingure picks and 1 thumb pick, plus a tuner. fantastic banjo, great instrament. still like brand new no stratches, or dings, fantastic. $270

4. Resonator slide guitar, when i first bought it i restrung it with real high quality strings which set me back $55, this has a pick up built in, never played, brand new, bought it but regreted it, never played, just sat on the stand, comes with 2 books 1's a blues book the other is a progressive slide guitar one, $170

please note, non of the stands are for sale.

reason for sale, only play ukulele so im just wanting 1 instrament only, and 1 nice one, and will be investing in either one of the K's or a pono mango tenor, these instraments are located in australia but will post world wide, over seas buyers will only accept paypal as its safest for both you and i...

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09-09-2009, 02:47 AM
sorry heres the pictures to go with