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09-17-2009, 10:42 PM
Hello Forum! New user - First post!

I have really been enjoying the UU site, and just started looking at the forums over the last few weeks. Great information and insight. (Maybe I should have asked part of this question before buying!) :eek: Anyway, I am the proud new owner of what appears to be a Lehua Traditional Model Concert. See photo.
I am waiting for it to arrive, and I am already considering getting some Gotoh tuners to upgrade it! Do I have the fever or what? So, 2 questions: Anyone know anything about these Lehuas? The Lehua site is slim on details, but shows 2 concert models. Mine has rope binding, but gears and not pegs.

I guess I will know more when I get it in my hands. As for the gotohs - see photo, I think these may be the ticket.

Any info or feedback will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to participating here and in this crazy Ukulele "Underground".

PS - The Ukulele in the photo is the actual axe in question. The Lehua site shows the "Traditional Concert" with rope binding like this has, but with pegs as opposed to these tuners.

Thanks Again - Keith

09-18-2009, 11:44 PM
Hey Keith,
Welcome to Ukulele Underground....UU as many like to call the site. Anyway, I haven't heard much about the Lehua line. Looks okay. The only differences I can see (once you replace the friction tuners) is that you will have a geared concert ukulele with rope binding. The other concert has plain wood binding. Just make sure the tuner knobs clear the side of the headstock before you drill any holes. Also make sure you geared tuners fit the existing holes. You may need to make the holes a little bigger to fit. They sell (I don't what they call them) files that are shaped like a spike and you can "shave" out the hole to make it bigger. Anyway, if you have any other questions, feel free to search the forum, for these topics always comes up with every new member to the world of the ukulele, or if you get frustrated, just post another message.
Enjoy yourself here. Aloha, Dino