View Full Version : For Sale: Soprano Flea w/ Rosewood Fretboard and K&K Transducer

09-27-2009, 04:02 PM
Hey UU Community.
I'm selling my soprano flea uke. It's the natural flea. The uke is about a month old and I rarely played it. I thought I could use this uke when I traveled... but there has been no traveling in my life.:) My decision to buy the flea uke a month ago was because my UAS kicked in while I had money in the bank account.
This uke has about three hours of playing time. I will ship it within two days of payment in a safe box filled with lots of love and protection. This uke will come with the original gig bag as well.

The asking price is $270.00 USD

Please PM me if you have any questions.
I don't have photos of the uke because I don't own a camera. :D
But if you're interested, I can always ask a friend to let me borrow their camera.