View Full Version : Binding first or purfling first?

09-30-2009, 07:27 PM
Okay, I have been away from this forum for a long time. I am trying to get back to the uke I started working on last summer. I think whenever I am stuck at a part, I just leave it for a while, in this case quite a while. Okay, I am reading to cut out the channels for the binding but then decided maybe I'll put in some purfling too. I have binding & purfling all bought from Stewart Mac's and also the bit and guide for the Dremel from them. Does it make which cut I make first? I have finally figure out the depth and stuff to make the binding channel cut, but read on some sites that the purfling if cut first. Anyone have any ideas? I am nervous about making these cuts, thus this long hiatus from my project! Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.