View Full Version : Anyone interested in a Custom Pineapple Sunday case?

Ronnie Aloha
10-01-2009, 02:12 PM
OK, its really not a custom case. I called a case maker in Los Angeles about a custom case for my KoAloha PS. He quoted $120 for a rectangular, guitar style case. I asked about a custom formed case and he said he did not have ukulele sized molds.

I then asked if I brought him a case could he cut the foam pads to make the interior a custom fit. He said he could do that for $20 but he wasn't sure if he could match the interior material that my case (Koolau's Oahu case) had (the interior fabric they use is the "furry" type that classic guitar cases have and that the Ameritage cases have.) Basically, its just going to be a curved shaped piece that takes up the space at the bottom of the Oahu case and perhaps a couple of fitted pieces at the top where the points of the body are if they are required.

When I have time, I'll head to a fabric shop to see if I can find a close match to the "felt" type interior lining of the Oahu case and take it with me to the case maker. He said he could do it in a day.

Would any of you PS owners be interested in getting this? If so, I'll just have him make additional pads and mail them out to you. I can only guarantee the pads would work in a tenor-sized Oahu case. They MAY work in other tenor-sized cases but you do so at your own risk.

Also, I'm a lazy SOB so this won't be happening tomorrow!