View Full Version : First impressions of Kala KA-C

10-03-2009, 03:35 PM
I've been playing my Kala KA-C (from MGM) for a couple days now, and it sounds good for a laminate. It has good action and intonation (probably with help from MGM), and while it doesn't have tremendous volume, it's about what I was expecting. The one thing I have really noticed on the plus side is the advantage of the geared tuners. It is easy to tune, and stays in tune.

On the negative side, I've noticed something that I haven't seen anyone else mention. The binding is rather sharp, and has some rough spots where I rest my forearm. So it's actually a little uncomfortable to play with my forearm holding the uke against my body. I've been playing it sitting down with the uke resting on my leg, more like a guitar. I was tempted to rub sand paper on the binding where my forearm will be, but I'm afraid to do any damage to the uke. Any ideas?