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04-21-2008, 12:00 PM
Just got this email from a friend. Thought I'd pass it along for those who might be interested.


This is the ukulele camp on the big island run by Keoki Kahumoku -- has both slack key and ukulele, but of course I'm going for the ukulele and some R&R.

More information to follow because Keoki and Konabob have not posted this
information yet.

Konabob's website: http://www.konaweb.com
Keoki's website: http://www.konaweb.com/keoki/

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Subject: Re: Slack Key Guitar/Ukulele Workshop - Hawaii

> Ok, I just got off the phone with Keoki. Here are the dates for December.
> First Camp:
> Checkin November 30th
> Classes Dec. 1 through 5
> Concert Dec. 6th.
> Second Camp:
> Checkin Dec. 8th
> Classes Dec. 9 through 13
> Christmas Parade Dec. 14th.
> I will let you know when I get more of the information!
> Aloha,
> -Konabob