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10-11-2009, 02:41 PM
I bought this last Tuesday from MGM and received Thursday (super faasst:D) I got it for my 9 year old daughter to transition to guitar but she is a 4 stringer girl...... She plays concert, baritone and Tenor guitar:D no need for six strings!!!!

I cut and pasted the Ebay ad. for you guys to check it out: $265.00
shipped CONUS

Not released yet NEW U-TAR guitar ukulele/ guitarlele!

Hear it and see it on videos



Kala is one of the most consistant lines of ukuleles out and they are great value for your dollar. Kala is ever expanding and renovating its models and line to bring out the most innovative and interesting ukuleles in the marketplace. This is a soon tp be released preview of the U-TAR Guitar Ukulele that has 6 strings and is tuned like a standard guitar with capo at fifth fret or adgcea. The first four strings match a standard gcea ukulele and can be played as Daniel Ho. Grammy winner performer does as a ukulele with two strings for bass or just like a regular guitar as seen in video. It can also accomodate open tuning as seen in video 2. This is 30-1/4" long and has a 1-3/4 width at nut neck The body is a standard tenor size. The top of this is solid Sitka Spruce and the sides and back Mahogany Laminate. The neck is solid Mahogany in a very comfortable profile. This ukuleles odd sizing presents a problem for cases and fits in a baritone case but needs filler. A deluxe Baritone true Hard Case is provided with this ukulele. Shipping and handling on this is FREE .........

SOLID Sitka Spruce Top
mahogany sides and back
Black top and back body binding
Satin finish
6 strings tuned ADGCEA (standard)
tenor sized body with 20-1/8"scale
1-3/4" at nut
Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Solid mahogany neck
High quality GEARED TUNERS
FREE Baritone case included!

I paid 300.00 for it but will let it go for 265.00 shipped.....