View Full Version : 2yr olds,the wiggles and lacewood kala

10-12-2009, 01:33 PM
After playing your uke remember to put it out of harms way.My 2yr old son loves the wiggles and dances up a storm when "move your arms like henry" comes on.He dances"round and around and around like henry" then proceeds to get dizzy and does the sideways shuffle and SMASH CRACK finds,of all things, my lacewood tenor to "break" his fall.Now.if i wasn't too busy laughing at his stumbling and giggling i would be upset at my stupidity of leaving it on the floor but as it is and as you would know if you have kids they can make any bad situation into a good one.I'm a glass half full bloke so this is a great excuse to replace the now dead kala with a new tenor to go with my custom kanilea.
I just thought i would share my story.it's by no means a woe is me one,just an amusing tale of love lost(uke) and love found(my son dances better than me)

Ahnko Honu
10-12-2009, 01:40 PM
Save the pieces and make yourself a cigar box 'ukulele, lemonade from lemons. ;)

10-12-2009, 01:51 PM
Save the pieces and make yourself a cigar box 'ukulele, lemonade from lemons. ;)


10-12-2009, 01:59 PM
I may seem paranoid or crazy but I wouldn't want my children watching the wiggles.

screen shot of one of many things that doesn't sit right to me :eek:

onto the subject at hand: I agree that you should save the pieces to make a cigar box. Let us what tenor you decide on. Just reading 'new tenor' makes my UAS tingle.