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10-13-2009, 03:54 AM
My apologies. I originally thought I'd done this as a thread instead of adding it to a thread to which it was not relevant

Cheap score number one:
Yard sale find, my husband made a good call on this one. There was this gig bag that's for some Hasbro guitar toy, and a little plastic stand. While I was thinking it would be a touch too small for my flea market soprano, for $2 a chance was taken. Thing fits! On the down side, it doesn't zip around three sides, just along the bottom. Has a pocket and the plastic stand can work for the soprano though I also might use it to prop up books.
I could tell by the tag this had come from Walmart, so if you cross paths with the Power Tour for Tiger bag and you can use a very basic bag for a soprano, it works.
Cheap score number two:
8th Street Music had a tent sale this weekend. I happened to be right place right time when an Oscar Schmidt OU3 came out of the stockroom to be priced. While I'd only really be likely to want one of those if it was the white one with the fish inlay on the headstock, this was $45 (usually I see these in the $99-$129 range). Yes, blemished. I can live with that. Saves me the trouble of feeling weird because it's too pretty like my Mitchell MU100 is. And, should I be in the mood to pimp my ukulele, this honey is waiting for my special attentions.

10-13-2009, 08:14 AM
congrats! bargains are a lot of fun.