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10-19-2009, 09:54 PM
So my new uke came in today, a solid sapele koalana concert uke.

I got his uke off of MGM (thank you by the way), good customer service, very quick delivery.


price paid: $170.90 (after shipping)


-Solid sapele body
-Solid sapele neck
-5 point headstock
-musubi shapped soundhole
-Unibrace design
-13 frets to body 17 overall

Made in china, but hey, as long as its a good uke it doesn't really matter where it came from. The crown headstock and the musubi sound hole make the uke look original apart from the other ukes I play around. Friction tuners also give the uke a more traditional look to it. no pick up. Came with a Hard case and a humitron humidifier.

Sounds bright and happy. Volume was pretty loud compared to other ukes I've played with and along side of.

action, fit, and finish: 8
Came with a set of aquilas. Good low action. Great set up by MGM. the wood on the fret board looks awesome. The Logo and the fret markers look like they it was made with white out which took away from the beauty of the uke.

Durability/ reliability:9
So far I've had no problems with it. The uke looks like it will hold up for a long time of playing, so long as you take care of it, just like any other uke. I wouldn't be embarrassed to play this uke live at all. I'd trust this uke for sing alongs in math class aha..

overall: 8.75
Ive been pretty happy with it so far, Friction tuners are a pain in the butt, but in the end its a great uke for the price I paid.

MGM's sample vid


10-20-2009, 09:06 PM
Thanks for your review, I've been looking hard at this one since MGM got them. I'm hoping maybe for christmas if I'm really, really good! Drat! this UAS is really getting a hold on me.

10-20-2009, 09:59 PM
So my new uke came in today... So far I've had no problems with it
Thank you for the info, I am sure a lot of people are looking to this maker to see what they are all about. It would be great if you report back in a few weeks or so, to add a bit more weight to your impressions. The quote above is heavily edited and not meant to insult, but there are things that are not noticed the first day playing. Also, a lot of ukes look/feel great when they are new.

Please enjoy your Koalana and share your impressions with us when it breaks in a bit more, that would be great.

11-14-2009, 03:11 AM
Thanks for the review. Yes Christmas is fast approaching and this one I hope to put on my list for Santa!! The same one from MGM. How are the friction tuners doing? Are you still enjoying the uke? This uke sounds like a good deal.