View Full Version : Ukulele and Ocarina

10-24-2009, 03:17 PM
Can any one tell me what songs that would go good with a ukulele and ocarina kinda how like youtube.com/kissing88 does it would be very helpful to me also if the song could be easy on the uke would also help =D

10-24-2009, 03:23 PM
actully the song can be easy-medium difficulty =P

10-25-2009, 12:56 AM
Lol, I'm flattered you would link to me here.

Just about any song works IMO.
Since I haven't played for long, I just play what I'm capable of, one song at a time.

Just play what you want to play and see if it works. Find chords for songs online.

Rick Turner
10-25-2009, 03:42 AM
But the ocarina part is lip synched!

10-25-2009, 04:31 AM
sam where did u find the chords do greensleeves i would love to know =D

10-25-2009, 05:04 AM
But the ocarina part is lip synched!

Well actually it isn't - had the video camera running at the same time as my USB microphone (the sound quality is better on the microphone)

So I end up with a video file and an mp3 file.
Synchronizing the video and audio is less than perfect on Windows Movie Maker, but what you see is what you hear :rolleyes: