View Full Version : Anatomy of a Song - "Toucan Play"

10-31-2009, 12:38 PM
What I thought I'd do here, is take a song from beginning to end in the creative process. Starting with the germ of the idea, or the "sketch." In this case, a friend heard a song called "Pelicano" my band 3 Hour Tour did, that I recently posted on YT. He joked that, if we stayed with a bird theme, our next one should be called "Toucan Play At That." Good idea, but I don't like to rip people off entirely, so I told him I'll write something called "Toucan Play," instead.

So I picked up my trusty Mainland and, as quickly as I could, shot this, and posted it on YT for my co-conspirator in Long Beach to have a look at. I gave him the chords and the chorus, now it's his turn. He's very good at calypso, and that's the feel I'm going for, so whatever he comes up with, lyrically or musically, will be great, I'm sure. If you want to subscribe to my YT channel, you can chart its progress.