View Full Version : The Office Thread!

04-25-2008, 04:01 AM
Okay, who saw the latest episode?? (season 4 episode 11)

I think this was the funniest one yet! I won't write any spoilers here i guess, but you need to watch it.

04-25-2008, 04:46 AM
i've seen the pre-views to the office but i never got into it once i saw the first episode.

Maybe i should watch another episode to see if i change my mind

spted dinosaur
04-25-2008, 09:15 AM
ive only seen one episode, it was one with the altoids XD

04-25-2008, 01:56 PM
Yeah that episode was amazing.
I love all of the episodes!

04-25-2008, 01:59 PM
bears, beats, battlestar galactica!