View Full Version : Anatomy of a Song - 2108 revisited

11-05-2009, 10:25 AM
This is a working demo of another song in progress. This one is instrumental.I wrote it on guitar in the late 70's and decided to "upgrade" it to uke. I changed the key from Am to Dm to make it more playable uke-wise. The time signature is 21/8, or 21 eight notes per measure, broken down to a pattern of 3/2/3/2/3/3/3/2. The plan is to add marimba, steel drum and bass.

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11-13-2009, 09:07 AM
A couple of days ago, we started to work on this one in the studio. Greg, my drummer/steel pan player, laid a hi-hat down as a click track for me to do the rhythm ukes to. Last night a percussionist came in and laid down tablas, pandiero (kind of like a tambourine), and frame drum to it. I wasn't there, so he used my demo video to get the vibe I was going for. Then, in one take, he nailed the tabla part, with Greg signaling him as to when the different sections were coming up, including an awesome solo part in the jam ending section. Considering the odd time signature, that's quite a feat! He then tracked a conga part, but it was decided it didn't really add that much, so we'll likely dump it. Our next plan is to add bass and marimba as supporting voices, with solo uke and pans to come. I originally wanted the congas, but now that the tablas are in there giving it an Eastern vibe, I'm thinking of adding a tamboura or sitar drone, maybe in the end section, we'll see...

Here's a link to the basic track with the added percussion: