View Full Version : Kamaka Pineapple for $85

11-20-2009, 05:27 AM
Missed it by that much! I was in Chamblee GA yesterday, where there are many antiques dealers, looking for a suitable cigar box to go with my Mainland CBG neck (http://shop.mainlandukuleles.com/product.sc?productId=56&categoryId=8). I was at Rust & Dust (http://www.antiquerow.com/rustAndDust.asp) and found a Kamaka Pineapple in pretty good shape for $85. I was all set to snag it when at the last minute the antique lady (though she was fairly well preserved) noticed the tag said "rental only", so it was not for sale. They had put a price of $85 so they would know what rental price to charge. They rent to plays and movies all the time and charge a fraction of the tag price, and had gotten so many requests for ukes that the owner has her own uke, which she apparently knows nothing about, for rental.

Dream dashed, but came pretty close to having one on my want list.

There's another one in a store right across the street too, with half the fretboard missing and a nasty soundboard crack for 3x the price.