View Full Version : Bigging up the HUK

11-22-2009, 01:42 PM
While I wait for a well known branded uke to arrive at my door, I thought it only right I should give a little credit to my unfashionable but remarkably playable little first-timer soprano.

I never see this brand discussed, but I've been learning to play on a Hudson HUK soprano, and I have to say it's a brilliant little thing. It's got mahogany front, back and sides (laminate I would imagine but who knows), a bit of white plastic beading, some generic geared tuners, rosewood fretboard and little else to look at. However, it's very neatly finished, incredibly lightly built, and strung with Aquilas it really pings out a melody and stays in tune all day if it isn't thrashed.

It's not a cool uke brand by any means and is probably churned out, but it outlived better thought of ukes in my affections and is much loved. Anyone looking for a low-cost bright entry into the world of smaller ukes should definitely consider a Hudson alongside the Lanikais, Staggs and the rest.