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12-10-2009, 01:38 AM
This is my review of the Makala MK-T. The MK-T is advertised as made of agathis wood but a very good one. Solid construction which wood is really thin which really makes this instrument light and resonate loudly. The tonal range of the MK-T is shockingly awesome not what you would expect out of a begginer ukulele. It has a rosewood bridge and a rose wood veneer on top of ply for the fretboard with brass frets. the saddle and nut are made of plastic which could be changed out for bone or ebony. The finish os a satin stain which tries to mimic a dark mahogany which in my opinion makes the ukulele really cheap looking along with the sticker rosette around the sound hole. But over all i think i like this ukulele better than my little more expensive OU4 oscar schmidt.

Rating from 1 to 10
Tone 10
Finish 5
Action 10
Overall 9

02-13-2010, 03:41 AM
how are you getting on with it a few months down the line. I'm looking at buying one but the cost being so low is making me wonder if spending a little more would get me something higher spec but it sounds like it can hold it's own. Must say I was impressed with the tone and sound and can picture what it may sound like with some higher end strings rather than the ghs it was sporting.

02-15-2010, 11:42 AM
I picked mine up today and you have it pretty much spot on. Got to say the finish on mine actually looks quite good but the sticker rosette isn't needed. If I were being hypercritical there are some traces of glue in the inside but it's minimal and you wouldn't notice unless you were hunting for it.

The tone and tuning are superb for a uke in this price range, The volume is also surprising and it can hold its own. I walked back to my car through a town centre strumming my new girl and had no trouble hearing her over the bustle.

The action seems fine with no buzzing and comfort in play.

this is the second cheap makala I have brought and so far they cannot do wrong in my eyes and when playing it alongside a lanikai lu21t there was no noticable difference in performance (with the exception of the covered gear heads on the lanikai and more attention given to astetics).

very happy with her

Tone: 8 (10 if you consider that it is an entry level)

02-15-2010, 12:51 PM
Hi I just bought this Ukulele and I am completely new at playing the ukulele. I was trying to play a few chord using some instructional videos and i was able to play some of them but others like b flat and b flat minor didnt seem to work. the chromatic tuner i have did not pick them up as b. it picked up b flat minor as c minor. im pretty sure the uke was tuned correctly. the strings sometimes make a squeak type noise when i strum for some chords and sometimes the sound of the chord wont resonate or the strings wont vibrate (not sure how to describe what im saying). Is this a string problem or am i not playing it right?

02-15-2010, 10:51 PM
LAKA and Nobby, thanks for your reviews. :)

PwnageMonster: I think we'd need a little more to go on before we can offer much help. I'd suggest you consider making a video of you playing and demonstrating the problems you are experiencing. Then maybe post a request for help in the 'Ukulele Beginners' section including your video.

Much easier to help if we can see your problem clearly. ;)