View Full Version : Bending spalted wood.

Matt Clara
12-12-2009, 02:20 AM
I picked up some very nice spalted sycamore on ebay for a song ($8) (in addition to being spalted it has some really nice figure). Enough for at least one uke back book matched set, or two if I want to try to resaw the nearly 1/2" slats. The guy who sold it to me fell ill, and then forgot about me, so that it took over two months to receive my item (wasn't sure he wasn't playing me, but he came through). Now he's intending to send me some more, gratis, for my trouble. I'm thinking about using this additional spalted sycamore for the sides of the uke, but I'm worried that trying to bend spalted wood might be a bad idea, as it has some inherent structural problems vis-a-vie the fungi damage (this particular wood seems quite sound, and isn't spongy in the least). I know some people recommend treating the spalted area with thin CA, or epoxies like system 3's RotFix, but I'm unsure those are good to use on wood intended to be bent. Any insight here?

On a related note, I'm considering adding a strip of ebony down the center of the back, and I'm unsure whether I should glue the set together and then thickness sand, or get it close to final thickness, glue and then finish the thickness sanding. My concern is the ebony will make for an uneven sanding as it's quite a bit harder than the sycamore. I do have a nice thickness sander to help with the job.