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12-13-2009, 03:53 PM
Hey guys,

So I have been recently asked to give a workshop for intermediate players locally and they have told me that I can do it on anything I'd like. I am really pumped to do something like this, it should be a lot of fun.

My idea right now is a right hand technique / strum lesson. Focus on strumming styles (such as the triplet, 5 finger fan, 10 finger roll) and picking techniques. Than maybe applying them to some very simple songs to learn with.

I was wondering if I could get your guys input on this. If you could spend an hour workshop on anything, what would you like to do it on? Would you like to focus on learning a song, work on music theory, or maybe something else?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton! :D

12-13-2009, 04:49 PM
Definitely right hand/strum technique. Application of the technique in a song would be great.

12-13-2009, 05:53 PM
Definitely right hand/strum technique. Application of the technique in a song would be great.:agree:
Yes, the right hand seems to be the sticking point in most of the posts, I would say, and putting it in the context of an actual song always helps!

BTW, have fun at the NAMM show and congrats! Always a lot of fun and lots of freebies to be had... I once saw David Lindley and Mark Mothersbaugh together in the same booth doing a demo of something or other, then a few booths away, Tommy Tedesco and Neil Schon mixing it up on stage... (many moons ago, obviously...) Strange place, the NAMM!

12-13-2009, 06:20 PM
Make a video of whatever you do and post it so that I can learn some of your awesomeness!:D

12-13-2009, 06:31 PM
If I went to a workshop, I'd want to learn riffs that I can throw into improvs. I'd be delighed with nothing but straight riffs for an hour. (If Aldrine did a riff-of-the-week kind of thing, it'd be heaven for me.)

But I doubt that an hour of riffs would be as useful for the general public, and your idea of right hand technique is way better. Like what in the world is the 10 finger fan!? It sounds crazy.