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Harry R
12-25-2009, 11:27 PM
What if?

(BbMaj7)What if the world
(F)Could stay on her feet?
(A7)What if mankind
(Fadd9)Was living in peace?
(BbMaj7)What if we all
(F)Could learn to love?
(A7)Cause right now
(Fadd9)There’s just not enough

(BbMaj7)Murder on a daily basis
(F)You see the repercussions in the horrified faces
(A7)We’re always finding guns, drug money and bombs in suitcases
(Fadd9)Instead of finding love we’re finding empty spaces
(BbMaj7)It ain’t about creed, skin colour or races
(F)And we’re still getting motorway police car chases
(A7)Gun and knife crime and red district places
(Fadd9)We’re living in a world that’s full of hopeless cases


Kids roam with knives all around the streets
Hostility to everyone they meet
It’s not gonna change with you in your seat
So if you want to stop it get on your feet
Why don’t you take a stand for the poor and weak?
Stand up against the fighting and then you’ll see
If the world comes together with you and me
There’s no need for fighting and united we’ll be


We’ve already destroyed our world enough
We’re filling all our food with chemical pus
And I won’t inject poison to make my age reverse
Because I am not envious
Of the Hollywood stars who just swear and curse
They put the lord second to the money in their purse
Cause the king of kings don’t wear designer shirts
And he doesn’t give in to propaganda fuss

Whichever way you see it god should always be first
And I hope some day you’ll join with us
If you hear the truth coming from my verse
Cause the generation that the world needs is us!