View Full Version : UU Ukulele Solos Pre-Release DVD - SOLD OUT!

01-03-2010, 01:52 PM
Hey everyone! Just wanted to thank everyone who got their hands on the Pre-Release version of our Ukulele Solos DVD (http://ukeunderground.bigcartel.com/product/ukulele-solos-techniques-improvisation-dvd) (the plastic case). There were only 315 copies of the pre-release version ever printed so if you got one - Congrats! - you have a solid piece of UU history, right there!

We actually have a few left that we'll give out for promotional purposes, and there are a couple of misprints that we're not giving away (... ?), but for the most part, ALL of the plastic cases are now in the hands of UUers. We're super happy with the feedback we've gotten so far and, this being our first DVD release ever, it's great to see that the people we made it for really like it.

The Ukulele Solos DVD (http://ukeunderground.bigcartel.com/product/ukulele-solos-techniques-improvisation-dvd) is still available in the Official DVD form (cardboard box), so if you don't have one already, feel free to pick it up in the UU Store (http://ukeunderground.bigcartel.com/)! Thanks again & keep rockin'!