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05-07-2008, 10:33 AM
Blue Stone Folk Series


Rebecca Zapen in Concert
with Scott Murray, Dobro
and Introducing Special Guest Pholly

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
7:00 - 9:00
Noble Coffee and Tea Company
933 Logan Street
Noblesville, Indiana
Tickets and Video available at www.bluestonefolkschool.org
$10/$8 Student

"Nothing adequately prepares for the way in which her deeply personal album instantaneously envelops and never loses its grip.... The title song and others bring to mind no less than early solo McCartney and Brian Wilson's SMiLE.... One of those near-perfect hidden gems..."
-- Relix

Versatile violinist, vocalist, and songwriter Rebecca Zapen's first musical memory was that of sitting under the baby grand piano as a toddler, her ears filled by the sounds of her mother playing Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart. Her college years were filled with opera, orchestra, chamber music, and late night jazz jams. The journey continued to twist and unfold, rich in varied musical experiences: Tom Waits tunes via CB radio and Celtic harp, a four-year trip to the Old World in Klezmania, spoken word with eclectic folk, Gypsy jazz. She walks her present path as a performer of range and depth: a classically-trained violinist, a jazz crooner/violinist in quartet ZapStar, and an award-winning songwriter/composer. Rebecca's dreamy, ethereal vocals swoon and sweep atop sublime melodies and infectiously charming lyrics, instantly hypnotic and effortlessly charming. Accompanying herself on ukulele, guitar, and violin, and joined by double bass, string section, and dobro, Zapen's music is mellow, creative, happy, and smart.


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You need to move your school closer to Virginia.

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Bumpity Bump...It's tonight!


Bluestone draws national artist

Written by Steven Furlow, on 05-27-2008 09:18

Rebecca Zapen is on the go.

A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, the Florida native was traveling Chicago by road Monday evening on her way to a show leading up to her first performance ever in Indiana Wednesday night at Noble Coffee and Tea Co., 933 Logan Street in Noblesville. Following a successful showing over the weekend at the Florida Folk Festival, Zapen talked about her music, connecting with an audience and her upcoming Noblesville show.

“It’s meaningful to find those connections,” she said. “There’s a purpose to creating an ambience. It’s nice to know they’re there to hear what I wrote.”

Zapen described her shows as “sentimental” and pretty laid back with the audience treated to a variety of music styles ranging from jazz to classical to Bossa Nova and folk. Breaking up the show with stories about the songs and other tales, Zapen promises performances featuring her on guitar, ukulele, violin and even some limited tap dancing.

Many of the songs will come from her CD Japanese Bathhouse, a collection of songs easy to fall into, which Zapen says are representations of images in her head.

“A lot of times when I set out to do an album, it’s a snapshot of where and what I’m doing,” she said.

Accompanying Zapen will be Scott Murray on Dobro, an instrument with which she never expected to perform. Coming from a classical/jazz background, Zapen said Murray broke songs on her album featuring strings and lush arrangements down in a unique way.

“He approached the songs in an orchestral pattern,” she said.

Zapen is proud of the course her music is taking and excited about the upcoming Wednesday show. Presented by Bluestone Folk School, Zapen said normally she handles her career on her own from writing and recording to booking shows. She said normally she works to find locations to perform but this time was approached by Bluestone Director Geoff Davis who noted she would be in the area for a concert in Nashville, Ind. for the Ukulele Luau sponsored by Bushman Music.

Zapen reached a large audience placing second in the Bushman World Ukulele Video Contest with her lighthearted video for “Smile.” She has also been heard performing on the National Public Radio program Whad’Ya Know with Michael Feldman.

“I was so flattered,” Zapen said of Davis’ offer. “He heard I was in the area and he asked.”

Looking forward to the intimate environment of Noble Coffee and Tea Co., Zapen said she appreciates it when fans find her through her music and performances. Wednesday night will be an excellent opportunity for the community to find quality, unique and original music the likes of which rarely passes through.

Rattling off high praise from the Florida Folk Festival in the form of comments left for her, Zapen isn’t bragging. It’s taking pride in bringing enjoyment to the audience, bridging the gap between strangers and connecting them into her world.

If You Go

- Connect with Rebecca Zapen with Pholly opening at Noble Coffee and Tea Co., 933 Logan St., Wednesday 7-9 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person; $8 for students. For more information, visit http://www.bluestonefolkschool.org.

By Steven Furlow