View Full Version : Suggestions for my new Lanikai CK-C

01-18-2010, 04:12 PM
I'm a newbie to the forum and ukulele's in general. A little background on me: I originally bought my very first uke...a Lanikai soprano LU-21 with some money I got for Christmas. I taught myself how to play and loved it. Now, a few weeks later, I returned to the only music store in my town that sells ukulele's (which is where I got my soprano) and as of tonight, I am the proud owner of a new Lanikai concert CK-C uke. They even threw in a case for a discounted price for being such a loyal customer.
Here's where the problem comes in...I tested it out at the store and everything sounded perfect. I get home and started playing and now, there's buzzing like you wouldn't believe. It's driving me crazy, because I spent a pretty decent amount on this one.

The buzzing sounds the most pronounced near the nut, and I've only really noticed it with the C and E string. It occurs when I play open strings as well (if I strum slightly harder than normal). The buzzing disappears when I play any higher than the 3rd fret...but continues with the C string until I reach the 7th fret in which case, the buzzing disappears on that particular string. As a beginner, most of the songs I play use the lower frets and it is very frustrating to have to deal with this inconvenience. I've done business with this store before and it's a great store, but they are closed at the moment and do not accept returns.
This uke was on a Lanikai display along with about 10 other ukes and I was thinking that maybe it had been there long enough to wear it out with everyone wanting to pick one up and play or mess around with it. So I was thinking I would start with a string replacement and go from there...

My questions:
What do you think could be causing this problem?
What suggestions do you have for a quality string replacement with this specific uke?

Any other comments are also more than welcome.