View Full Version : Pickup for Pono PTO... suggestions wanted!

01-23-2010, 09:24 AM
Hey everyone,

On Monday I'll be taking delivery of my 2nd ukulele, a Pono PTO, which will sit alongside my Fender Pa'ina. The Pa'ina, acoustically, doesn't produce the sound I was really hoping for with my style of playing, but i love the fact that it has a pickup. Instead of selling it, I figured I'd have it be my uke tuned to high G and make my Pono my uke at low G.

The issue is I do a fair amount of recording and possibly a bit of using it in a live setting. A buddy of mine who works at a guitar shop owes me a favor and offered to have a pickup installed. These are the options I'm entertaining right now...

Mi-Si Acoustic Trio
Fishman SBT-E
Fishman AG Series Undersaddle

I'm pretty new to the uke scene. I'm a rhythm guitar player for the most part. I play a Taylor 314CE with a fishman pickup and so I've enjoyed the sound I've gotten from it. I'm hoping for something that will reproduce the natural sound of the uke well, not be too intrusive and also won't clunk around inside while I play..

Any advice you can offer would be great!