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02-01-2010, 02:54 PM
here's a recent song... titled "Nashville Money." It's a blues, a 12-bar progression with a bridge. I played my Ohana concert uke - lead and rhythm - instead of guitars, but there is a slide guitar way in the background. This is the hi-fi link... for listening:


If ya want to read the lyric, etc. you can click this link: http://www.songramp.com/mod/mps/viewtrack.php?trackid=76881. This puts you on the song page. Enjoy!

08-11-2010, 03:31 PM
No comments... yikes! Thought I'd bump it for another sound check...

09-14-2010, 05:06 PM
It’s a little slow for my liking but I am sure there will be others who will like it The point is That if you have confidence in yourself you should keep going no matter what – you will succeed finally It’s great that songwriters and singers are getting an opportunity to tryout their luck here so that they can move on to the next level I am sure we’ll see at least and few make it big from here and let’s wish them the luck in all their efforts