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02-07-2010, 04:58 PM

Elvis Costello

02-07-2010, 09:32 PM
The headstock reminds me of a Taylor but they don't make ukes and the logo doesn't look right.

02-07-2010, 09:41 PM
Looks like Elvis Costello playing some unknown brand uke......who cares what brand.....ELVIS is singing!!!

02-07-2010, 10:59 PM
probably a custom!!

02-08-2010, 02:04 AM
I searched through elviscostello.info and didn't find much, but maybe some of my findings will help the more knowledgeable narrow it down.

This was from an article dated 08/15/04 (The year that The Delivery Man[I] was released) :

[I]Elvis Costello picks up a tiny guitar-like instrument from its plush case resting on a huge hotel bed. He cradles it lovingly, as if it were a baby, against his barrel-like chest and picks out a little melody. It's a vintage ukulele, precision tooled by Hawaiian craftsmen.

Though two paragraphs later is:

"Beautiful sound," Costello murmurs to his mandolin as he coochy-coos its strings. with no mention of him changing instruments. Shoddy reporting, indeed!

Here's a list of the guitars he plays, though it might not be very recent - the page I found still had him as being married to Cait. Most interesting is the note at the end about having a rose on the fretboard on the Ferringtons, since he has one on the Uke as well.

Q. What guitars does he play?
A. The list currently includes:
- 2 Fender Jazzmasters, with 'Elvis Costello' inlaid on the fretboard
- a Fender Telecaster (first played in Tokyo, 8/1/98 - BB#17)
- an oldish Martin D-28
- a Gold-Top Les Paul with P-90 Soapbar Pickups
- a Martin D-45
- a 12 String Epiphone Riviera
- a blue Magnatone Typhoon bought in Nashville Aug. 1996
- Martin Santa Cruz
- a 1954 Gibson J-160E acoustic bought at Route 66 Guitars in 1992
- a later model Gibson J-160E (green?)
- Gretsch Country Gent
- Gretsch Country Club, mid-'60s
- a hot-rodded National electric
- '54 Telecaster (stolen while on tour in Melbourne 1984, retrieved 1989)
- Gibson F-5 mandolin
- a Rickenbacker, 60's model-full-scale, six string.
- a beige Gibson Les Paul custom.
- Ernie Ball heavy gauge guitar strings
- 3 Ferringtons: a small 17 inch and a normal 25 3/8 inch both with 'Elvis Costello' inlaid on the neck, and a 34 inch fretless (Hofner) bass (what look like frets are really just inlaid plastic strips)
- (from the 'Ferrington Guitars' book) : EC has three guitars that Ferrington made for him: A black small size acoustic with 'Elvis Costello' in script on the fretboard and a rose near the bridge on the top of the guitar (made in 1981); a full size black acoustic guitar, also with a rose and script name (1981) and an acoustic bass with E.C.' near the pickguard (1982). The book notes the full size acoustic was used on 'Man Out of Time' on the 'Imperial Bedroom' album and that EC was so pleased with it '...he had propped it at one end of his hallway so that he could look at it from a distance whenever he walked through his house' (p 26).

You might try asking about the uke here too: http://www.elviscostellofans.com/phpBB2/index.php

And on an Elvis-related note, I found these two bits hilarious:
Later, when introducing a solo ukulele (!) version of “The Scarlet Tide,” his Cold Mountain song that lost its Oscar last weekend to Annie Lennox’s Return of the King number, he scowled, “****ing Hobbits.” After a moment’s pause, he reproached himself: “Now that’s no way to talk about Phil Collins.”

I thought Elvis was a better name than Jesus, and almost as exclusive.

Now I'm off to hunt down my Delivery Man album to see if it says anything in the liner notes...