View Full Version : A thought and a thank you

05-13-2008, 07:04 PM
I haven't been able to use a computer because mine has been messing up. So for a little more than month, I haven't been able to enjoy the site like I so often would.

Now that I'm back, this time on a Mac(like the rhyme) I am completely blown away by how much this site has grown. It doesn't seem to long ago when I would log-on and only see three or four other people logged-in. The last time I logged in the most we ever had online was 82, and now it's 105. There's over a thousand members and many more who check-out the site. Every time I refresh the forum page, there are new posts and new replies to threads. This is great, I don't think I could have ever imagined the site turn into what is now. The "Tabs" and "Song Help" sections have grown nicely, and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.

And the great thing is we're still growing. People are signing up everyday and not only learning, but sharing. Which to me, this site is all about. I'm from a little South Texas called Alamo, and the only ukulele player(as far as I know) who lives in my area. But I have learned from people all over the world. Can't wait to see the site in anther month to see how much it has grown.

So Aldrine, Ryan, all those involved in getting this site off the ground, Dominator, Sesso, NukeDoc, and to all the members. Thank you for making UkuleleUnderground what it is today. Were gonna' change the world.:music: