View Full Version : Any experience with Clearwater Ukulele's?

05-14-2008, 11:38 AM
Hi there and good evening (or I suspect morning where most of you guys are :)).

Although I've just started playing I am on the lookout for a new Ukulele to buy at somepoint and right now have a rather limited budget (80).

I have come across an ohana within this price range and also this http://stores.channeladvisor.com/THE-REALLY-USEFUL-MUSIC-COMPANY/Items/UCW7R?&caSKU=UCW7R&caTitle=NEW%20CLEARWATER%20ROUNDBACK%20ELECTRO%20C ONCERT%20UKULELE%20ucw7r.

Its electro accoustic which is a plus as I will be jamming with a folk group that consists of; Fiddles, Electro Bass, Various Percussion, Guitar, Electric Guitar etc which are hooked up to a PA system even during practices and isconcert sized whihc should also help witht he soun.
Although I can't find any reviews on it there is a blog which has information on its intonation etc. It seems pretty good.

Does any one out there have any experience of this product or products by clearwater?

Thank you in advance.


05-14-2008, 12:01 PM
No experience with them but it sounds like a decent deal.