View Full Version : Aw cr@p... Not dratted guitars again

02-17-2010, 10:44 PM
I've just ordered another guitar. Drat - I swore I had given up guitar in favour of more eccentric (and smaller) instruments, and I sold all my 6 string and bass axes.

I sold my Kala tenor 'ukulele at the weekend *wipes eyes, blows nose*. I did that because I need another mandolin; but I have decided to build the mando rather than buy it as I'm having trouble finding what I want in the UK, and I can save a lot of money doing a self-build, which I have done before.

So, I briefly kind of wished I hadn't been so hasty in selling the Kala mahogany tenor - but it has gone to an excellent home, so that's fine.

For the last 5 years or so I have run a session at my local rural pub on Tuesday evenings. Locals have come to expect music on a Tuesday so the pub fills up, even though it's mid-week. Although it usually rocks, occasionally we have nights where participants are few, and things don't really take off. Unless a singer and a guitar player turn up, we're kind of stuck. My mate and I can knock out a few reels and hornpipes on mandolin and tenor banjo, but people want stuff they can sing along to. Neither of us are great singers, and mandolin and banjo are pretty rough accompaniment instruments.

So, as they say, if you want something done there are times when you have to do it yourself. I hate being the centre of attention. I like to be surrounded by other musicians and just be part of a team. I'm too shy to do spotlight stuff. That said, if no one turns up with a voice or a guitar, I have decided that it's my responsibility to bite the bullet, pick up a guitar and yell a few songs out. *Shudders at prospect*

To that end, I have ordered a cheap guitar. A Vintage V-300. Only about 100, but they get excellent reviews.

Best thing is that the V-300 has a small body, maybe a tad larger than parlour size, which should be good for me because - after a couple of years of mandolin and fiddle - a guitar feels like a jumbo jet on my lap.

It should be here today or tomorrow.

02-19-2010, 08:13 AM
I know the feeling...only a little backwards from yours. I started on guitar, but moved on to include a variety of instruments. I keep only one instrument of each kind to save money and space (no real need for extras). I lead worship with 2 other acoustic guys and an electric guitar...yes 3 acoustic guitars ( I know ). There's lots of potential for new instruments into the worship set, but no opportunity. I have to "hold it down" with my guitar to cover up the other guys who are, although they shouldnt be, STILL learning. Perhaps I should drop out, turn them up, and force them to hear themselves solo thereby finding inspiration for growth...cant really afford that though. I wanna play different stuff, but I'm stuck in guitar. The problem comes when I develop a problem with my guitar...I end up having to sell my treasures in order to keep the one that pays the bills. I've had to do it once before, and as you can see by my other post. I'm having to do it again. Breedlove Atlas, great guitar...too heavy for what I want anymore.

I used to play in a bluegrass circle where several guys could bounce around on their instruments to fill out the sound when everyone brings a guitar.

why cant others be more versatile...