View Full Version : Oregon fest bound tonight...no plane troubles please

02-18-2010, 05:56 PM
I need a break traveling this time. please no storms, mechanical delays. ovebooks, birds flying into the engine, terrorist, ice on the wings, and delays....I am getting too old to be sitting in an airport lobby...just me and my uke lol

02-18-2010, 06:24 PM
I wouldn't worry about ice/storms in Portland this week. We're having unseasonably warm weather with clear skies. I wish saturday's uke camp wasn't sold out. It looks like it'll be a blast. Safe travels!

02-18-2010, 06:56 PM
It has been a gorgeous day here in NW Oregon today! I'm sure the wind is really going to be up in Hood River this weekend (I mean, more than usual...), but it's sunny and cool - not cold! Have fun! I don't think I'm going to make it out to Hood River, but enjoy!

02-18-2010, 07:36 PM
Happy Trails, MGM! Wishing U a safe & trouble free journey!

02-19-2010, 08:25 AM
M ust be me.....our plane had mechanical and was delayed 45min on runwawy lol