View Full Version : Instruments for Sale - Electric and Acoustic...maybe mandolin

02-18-2010, 06:33 PM
I'm currently in process of getting a lighter acoustic. I got a Breedlove Atlas...and as much as I like it,for as much as I'm playing, its too dang heavy compared to other acoustics. I just get tired of a sore shoulder, half sore back and one tired leg. I have alot of instruments, but the guitar pays my bills right now soooo its what we must do.

I'm selling the Breedlove Atlas AD25 SR Plus in good condition with normal wear and tear. Some finish scratches and I think one small dimple in the finish. Its never been busted, no warping, no cracking...good condition. It's an older model so it does not have the on-board tuner, but the spruce top has yellowed out and warmed up nice. This "older model" sounds better than any of the new ones I've played...and basically never goes out of tune. I like this guitar. It comes with a nice hardshell case. I'm asking $700 for it

I also have an Gibson-Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Gibson truss rod cover), white with gold hardward in good condition. It has upgraded Gibson Burst Pro humbuckers valued at $120 / each, and a nice hardshell case as well. This guitar brand new would cost $699 w/o the case, and with only standard pickups. If everything was spanking new, you're talking a value of about $1020.

$699 (guitar) + $240 (pickups) + $80 HSC
I'm asking $600 for all it. I really have less than zero desire for an electric guitar. Get all the Gibson sound for an Epiphone price!

I also have a nice Michael Kelly Mandolin- Legacy FSE Antique Walnut I do believe...EXCELLENT mandolin. Professionally setup...great sound, great action, great electronics and versatility. Hardshell case included. This thing is spanking new...an obsessive, impulsive buy. I love this mandolin, but I dont have the opportunity to include all of my instruments into the group I play with...sooo if selling it means I can up my price range for a new acoustic, I'm not going to fuss. I'm asking $700 with the case and set up.

I'm half flexible...but not really