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02-21-2010, 10:38 AM
Aloha everyone, I've got a Les Reitforts tenor ukulele that I purchased brand new a few years ago for my collection. I've been out of the ukulele scene for a couple of years and was thinking of thinning out my collection. Its a cut away version made of Birdseye maple all around with nice purfling and binding. Its got his signature Hawaiian flag head. Serial # 0662, Item number LRTBEM 106. Its got a deeper body so its sound is deeper also especially with the low G sting. I've got the original bill of sale and warranty card. I just don't know what its worth today. Its never been played since I purchased it. Just loosened the strings and stored away with my other ukulele. I purchased this ukulele from Mr Leslie Nunes, I believe he told me he was the grandson of THE Manuel Nunes who started it all. If anyone know what its worth or who maybe interested in it let me know. I'm new to this site so please pardon me if I'm going about this inquiry all wrong. Any help will be much appreciated..Mahalo

02-21-2010, 11:06 AM
Do you have any detailed photos? You might have a keeper on your hands. Check with MGM or Sean Yacavone (Ukulele Friend (http://ukulelefriend.com/)) for more info. The Hawaiian flag on the headstock is pretty much his sig.