View Full Version : Dead A String

02-28-2010, 04:25 PM
I'm looking for string suggestions. I have a Kala solid mahogany concert uke that came from MGM with aquila strings. Its sounds great for strumming, but I like to finger pick as well. Because of my banjo background i like to 3 finger pick, but the bottom string (A) is very soft when picked with my middle finger. When I only use a 2 finger picking style (thumb and ponter), it is a little less soft, but still does not ring out as nice as the other strings. I don't have any problem finger picking on my cheaper, laminate Ibanez. I actually prefer that ukulele for finger picking.
What set of strings would you suggest for finger picking?
Has anyone else had a problem with a quiet A string and found a set of strings that have helped?
Will higher tension strings help?


02-28-2010, 07:19 PM
I like Worth Clear strings best for fingerpicking. They say a higher tension string will give you more projection, but I haven't experimented with that much. UkuleleWorld.com has a good selection of Worths, and MusicGuyMike on ebay carries them sometimes too.